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This guide will walk you through how to install Metamask

About MetaMask

Metamask is an ethereum wallet browser extension that is available on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Brave.

Metamask will also allow you to interact with HEX and other Dapps on the Ethereum blockchain.

This guide is specific to Google Chrome, but similar steps can be followed if using Firefox or Brave browsers to install Metamask.

1. Go to the Metamask website

Open google chrome and go to  

When the page opens, click on the Download button.

2. Download MetaMask from the MetaMask website

  1. Click on the Chrome tab (top red arrow)
  2. Click on the Install MetaMask for Chrome button (bottom red arrow)

3. Confirm adding of the MetaMask extension

Click on the Add extension button.

4. MetaMask downloading

You will notice the metamask file downloading in the lower left hand side of the browser.

Tip: This may happen quickly, and you may not catch it.

5. Click on the Get Started Button

After the download is complete, you will notice that a new tab opens (green arrow).  

You will also notice the little fox head, which is the MetaMask logo added as one of your chrome extensions (orange arrow)

Lastly, click on the Get Started button (red arrow)

6. Create a new wallet

Click on the Create a Wallet button.

7. Agree to helping improve MetaMask

If you agree to it, you can help MetaMask improve the user experience for all.  You can Agree to this, or select No Thanks



8. Create a password & Agree to Terms

  1. Create and confirm a new password.
  2. Read the Terms of Use and select the checkbox if you’re okay with the terms.
  3. Click on the Create button

9. Reveal Secret words and backup wallet.

It is important to back up your wallet.  You can do that by copying the secret backup phrase that is displayed after clicking Click Here to Reveal Secret Words (red arrow).

The tips section (highlighted green box) offers tips on how to backup this phrase.

Once you reveal the secret words, the next button will be available.

10. Select the word boxes in the order you copied in the previous step.

Click the word buttons in the order you wrote them in the previous step.

As you click a word button, they will appear in the upper rectangular box.  All word buttons will need to be selected before proceeding to the next step

11. After all words are selected, click on confirm

After all words have been selected, click on Confirm

12. Click the All Done button

This screen shows that you have successfully entered the correct backup word combination.

Click the All Done button.

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