This guide will walk you through minting HEX from the AA Lobby (Adoption Amplifier).

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What is the Adoption Amplifier?

The HEX adoption amplifier is a year long process for people to adopt the new HEX crypto currency.  The process is very similary to how EOS launched it’s original ERC-20 token on Etherium.

How it works:  There is a pool of HEX available each day.  You will be able to mint HEX based on how much ETH you put in to AA in that day.  The amount you get is determined by how much ETH is put into AA by all participants in that day.  The AA lobby ends at 7 PM ET everyday, at which point a new lobby begins.  Only after 7PM ET can you claim your HEX when the lobby ends.

Go to the Hex Website

Click on here to go to the official HEX website (Using this link will get you 10% more HEX!)

Click the Connect button

Click on the CONNECT button to link metamask to the site.

Click the Connect button from MetaMask


The MetaMask window will appear, click on the Connect button to confirm the connection between the site and MetaMask

Click on the Transform Tab


Click on the Transform tab

Enter the AA Lobby for the day


To enter the active lobby for the day, click on the Enter button.

Input amount of ETH to enter Lobby

Input the amount of ETH would like to enter the lobby with (green arrow)

Click on Enter (red arrow)

Confirm Transaction for AA Lobby Entrance

You will get prompted my MetaMask to confirm the transaction.

Before confirming, you can click Edit to adjust the speed and then click Confirm.

Entry confirmation in lobby

You will see that your transaction is now in the lobby.

The columns in the green rectangle include current day of lobby, available hex in the pool, total eth currently in the pool, how many hex you will get per eth into the pool, and the time left for when the lobby closes in that day.

The red arrows display the current amount in hex you will get (this number may be smaller when the lobby closes).

You can also add more eth to the lobby by clicking on the Enter button and repeating the last few steps from this guide.

Exit the lobby to mint HEX!

When the lobby you entered completes for the day (7 PM ET), you will see an Exit button is now available.  

Click on Exit to mint your HEX!

Confirm the exit transaction

Once again you have to confirm the transaction.  After existing MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transaction.

You can click the edit link to increase the speed of the transaction, and then click Confirm

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